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I had never touched a camera until the end of January 2013, and I went all in after a light painting I did of my nike shoes on my dorm bed for a class assignment. From then on, I have pushed myself to light off camera light and natural light graduate college in Advertising. Instead of going out trying to get a job, I took a risk and started a photography business which is now starting to be so busy I might have to hire a retoucher. Recently, I worked with 509 films shooting in Backcountry Snowmobiling, gained a new passion for fly fishing,  helped out flexible speaker company called Syphon Sound, and all my weekends in the summer are filled with weddings, 20 so far booked this year. If I am behind a camera, then I am swing a club or riding with something with handle bars.

I love jumping from sports to weddings it keep the challenge there in photography. I have a strong passion for shooting portraits and details, but then jump to fast pace action sports. I love combining and pushing the limits of light. I am new to the photography world, but with hard work and the ability to learn I have grown fast and desire to grow faster. The reason why I have strong passion and love for photography is because I feel this can be a vehicle to help me reach my higher goals and dreams. I took a leap of faith and upgraded all my equipment but my lighting is still just two Alien bee's with one beauty dish. I know I can create more amazing images in weddings and sports with lighting. My story is short and I am small fish in a big pond, but for only starting in 2013 I know that I have a lot of potential and its going to take a lot of work and hustle to get where I want to go. 


Timeline of my Journey of Photography

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